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Having worked as a manager in leading companies in the sector between 1998-2008 and started its commercial life in the Metal and Sheet Metal sector by being founded by Nagi BAYRAM in 2008, CIHAN YASSI METAL continues to grow by reflecting its years of experience to its customers and the companies it works with. It shows a quality-oriented sensitivity in the products it sells.
Today, our company, which has a justified respect and trust in the Metal and Sheet Industry, has achieved international standards in both the flat metal and iron and steel markets and is obliged to provide quality service to its valuable customers.

Our Vision

It is an investment in people first. We carry our family ties that we established with each other when we were a small company at the beginning to a corporate identity. We see our country in an extremely advantageous geographical position in terms of the iron and steel market, and we are preparing our medium-long-term strategies to export more to our close neighbors.
As one of the fastest growing companies in the iron and steel industry in recent years, we know the secret of success; quality, reasonable price, wide product range and continuity.

Our Mision

It extends the roots of our sourcing possibilities even deeper. For this purpose, we received support from our universities in our hot and cold rolling mills.
we will continue to expand our research to obtain higher quality at lower cost.
We will continue to be one of the strongest suppliers in our market by adding new items to our product range and keeping our strategic stock levels under control.

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As CIHAN YASSI METAL, we aim to become a world brand; We are aware that we will achieve it by believing and fighting for the values we believe in. Investing in people and respecting people has been our most important principle in all the projects we have realized and are involved in with our understanding of business that does not compromise on quality.

Thanks to its educated, talented management staff and experienced employees, CIHAN YASSI METAL combines its customer satisfaction-oriented service approach with sectoral knowledge and experience, and succeeds in reflecting the company's purpose and corporate identity to its target audience in the best way possible. CIHAN YASSI METAL. We believe that the spirit of entrepreneurship and channeling its delicate balances have a very important role in the rapid growth and success of .