Aluzink Sheet

Aluzink Sheet
Aluzink sheet is a special product obtained by coating a special alloy on both sides. The alloy in question provides high corrosion resistance and similar properties. Thus, it meets expectations at a high level in many different fields.
What is Aluzink Sheet?
Aluzink sheet is produced by coating an alloy of zinc and aluminum on both sides. The alloy in question contains 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. The heat resistance of aluminum and the corrosion resistance of zinc are the basis of the high level of protection of the coating here.
While aluminum effectively protects the outer surfaces with its reflective feature, zinc provides high corrosion resistance. Thus, even at high temperatures, a product resistant to corrosion is obtained.
Aluzink sheet can be produced with different properties. At this point, it can be stated that the first striking detail is the thickness. The thickness of the product usually varies between 0.18 mm and 1.50 mm. At this point, it can be said that there is a range for width; Between 600 mm and 1,250 mm. Apart from the figures mentioned here, it should be noted that production can be made according to the special requests of the customers.
What are the Aluzink Sheet Properties?
Aluzink sheet properties are directly related to the properties of the alloy used in the creation of this product. It would not be wrong to say that the prominent features of the product are generally as follows:
• It has high corrosion resistance. It maintains this feature even at high temperatures and does not rust.
• It allows a long-lasting use due to its stainless structure.
• It has high resistance to heat.
• It is produced in portable forms and is easy to transport.
• It can be transported in package sheet, roll and band forms.
• It is easy to shape.
Aluzink sheet can bring to mind galvanized sheet with its features. However, due to the aluminum and zinc alloy used here, it has a much higher corrosion resistance than galvanized sheet. This difference can be up to 2-6 times depending on the situation. The fact that aluminum is a clear barrier between the steel and the atmosphere cuts off the oxygen and the steel's contact. The layer in the form of aluminum oxide does not dissolve even under different environmental conditions and continues to be a layer.
The zinc in the alloy used provides devoted cathodic protection. For example; In cases such as cutting or tearing of the relevant product, it reacts with oxygen and protects the steel from oxygen.
Aluzink Sheet Usage Areas
Aluzink sheet usage areas are closely related to the corrosion resistance of the product at high temperatures. In addition, the product has a shiny surface due to the aluminum used in the outer coating. The glossy surface in question also affects the usage areas. Areas where the product is used extensively can be listed as follows:
• Manufacture of coolers for industry
• Furnace production
• Roofing
• Microwave oven manufacturing
Aluzink Sheet Prices
Aluzink sheet prices may differ depending on the features and qualities of the product. First of all, it can be said that the thickness of the product has a great importance. Looking at the thickness range above, it will be seen that it is not possible for products of different thicknesses to have the same price. Another important factor affecting prices is closely related to product quality. The higher the quality of the product, the higher the amount to be paid. All this causes prices to fluctuate.
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