Galvanized Sheet

Galvanized Sheet


Galvanized sheet is a product with a wide range of usage and features. The most well-known feature of the product, which is known as stainless metal, is its long-lasting structure. Thanks to its high quality and longevity, galvanized sheet has many and wide usage areas. Since it has a structure that can be put into different forms, it can also be used in different areas. Cihan Yassı Metal company provides the highest quality services in this regard. In the article below, we will talk about what galvanized sheet is, where it is used, pricing policies and similar situations. You can read the article below and be aware of the difference and economy of Cihan Yassı Metal company.


What is Galvanized Sheet?

Galvanized sheet is obtained by metallic zinc coating of different types of flat steel materials in line with customer demand. The purpose of this process, called galvanization, is to increase the resistance of zinc or aluminum-zinc coatings as sacrificial cathodes. In addition to this, the carbon catalyst is subjected to corrosion treatment to ensure the protection of the steel in the substrate against corrosion.

Galvanized sheet production process is the application of five main processes on the same line and continuously to roll flat steels, with preliminary annealing, galvanization coating, tempering, stressed smoothing and oil/passivation process according to demand. In the galvanizing process for the production of galvanized sheet, the coils must be coated through the hot-dip method. The coating process is carried out with zinc or a zinc-iron mixture. In addition, Cihan Yassı Metal company produces Galvanized sheet in the best way.


Where is Galvanized Sheet Used?


Thanks to its high quality and longevity, galvanized sheet has many and wide usage areas. The fact that it can be brought into different forms allows it to be used from different areas. Galvanized sheet is put into a special form and used as a sandwich panel in roofing, building faces and interior exterior coatings, side surfaces, and roof covering. In addition to this situation, sheet metal coating is also used in the following sectors.

-Automotive Industry

-White Goods Industry

-Insulation and Coating Processes

-Ventilation and Air Conditioning Facilities

Thermosiphon, Stove and Pipe Production

Production of Water and Fuel Tanks

Pipe and Profile Production

Cable Tray and Lighting Fixtures

Cable Industry

Hardware and Packaging Industry

Prefabricated Building Production

Shed Construction, Silo and Warehouse Construction

Social Structures

Shopping malls

Agricultural Buildings

Construction Site Buildings

Military Facilities

It is a product that has a very wide usage area like Hal Facilities.


What are the Features of Galvanized Sheet?

Moisture and soil are among the most damaging factors for iron and iron products. Iron and iron products, which are exposed to moisture and wetness, shorten the lifespan and lose their properties and resistance within a few years. This causes iron and iron products to lose their functions. For this reason, it increases the resistance of the products thanks to the galvanized sheet, that is, the galvanized sheet, and ensures a long life in fulfilling its function perfectly. There are many features among the reasons why galvanized sheet is so preferred. Galvanized sheet establishes a barrier to the corrosive elements of the metal in its nature due to its corrosion resistance. Its easy to shape feature also causes it to expand its usage areas considerably. The feature makes it an ideal material for the production of parts requiring extra deep drawability and bending. It is frequently used because of its perfect surface appearance.

Weldability is among the technical features of galvanized sheet, they can be welded with many welding processes. Although it is paintable, galvanized sheet products can be painted easily if the pre-treatment is done correctly. The pre-treatments mentioned here are generally called surface treatments and degreasing operations. Galvanized sheet metal, which has such praiseworthy features, is available in Cihan Yassı Metal company in its best quality form.


What are Galvanized Sheet Prices?

Galvanized sheet prices differ as in other products in the market. Galvanized sheet material has features such as extending the life of the products and increasing their resistance, but its advantages are not limited to these. Because these materials have very economical prices. Considering the benefit and function it provides, it will be seen that galvanized sheet prices are quite economical. The use of these materials once gives a life of at least 50 years. You all know that there is a gap between quality goods and quality workmanship and worse goods and worse workmanship. In this case, despite its proven success in the field of iron and steel, the company still continues to stand out with its favorable pricing policy. In this way, both reliability and customer satisfaction are provided. If you want to get service in the galvanized sheet industry, you can have detailed information.

As we said, like every product on the market, galvanized sheet product is shaped according to different factors. Therefore, these conditions should be taken into account in the pricing policy. There is a relationship between the thickness of the product used and the price. As the thickness of the product increases, the costs also increase. Or there will be different formations in pricing according to workmanship. You can contact the company for detailed information about prices. You can also check the prices at www.cihanyassı or get information about the products you want. Apart from the preferred thickness, the dimensions, the forms in which the product is requested and similar requests will also have an impact on the pricing policy of the product. If you submit such requests, the most suitable and most economical price range will be communicated to you by the company. As Cihan Yassı Metal company, it has been helping people in this field for many years. It is trying to help you with an affordable and economical price range. While meeting your galvanized sheet and similar needs, it is pleased to help you with your transportation needs. It offers the best options for you. You can contact Cihan Yassı Metal in order to get more detailed information about the subject.


Cihan Flat Metal Company

The company, whose vision is to invest in people, was founded in 2008 by Nagi Bayram. CIHAN YASSI METAL, which carries out commercial activities in the metal and sheet industry, continues to grow by serving its customers and companies with years of experience. The company, whose priority is the quality of the goods and customer satisfaction in every product it sells, continues to develop. At the point reached today, the company, which has a justified respect and trust in the metal and sheet industry, has caught international standards in both the flat metal and iron and steel markets, and has been and continues to know its debt to provide quality service to its valuable customers.

As Cihan Yassı Metal company, it was a small company at the beginning, but thanks to the family ties it established, it took on a corporate identity. It sees our country in a very advantageous position in terms of the iron and steel market and plans its medium-long-term strategies in the form of exports to close neighbors. As one of the fastest growing companies in the iron and steel industry in recent years, it knows the secret of success; quality, reasonable price, wide product range and continuity. Cihan Yassı Metal, which has not deviated from these policies since the first day, continues to represent our country proudly. And it continues to strengthen its power so that you, the customers, leave satisfied in the best possible way. You can contact with confidence in matters such as galvanized sheet metal, iron and steel, and you can easily access the services you want...