Aluminum Coated Sheet

Aluminum Coated Sheet
The product in question, known as aluminum coated sheet or aluminum clad sheet, is used in many areas today. It is produced by coating a mixture of aluminum and zinc on a steel sheet. Due to its very high heat resistance, it is used in the production of products such as engines, furnaces and exhausts or in their production areas.
Modern equipment is used to cut aluminum coated sheets into pieces of different sizes. Thanks to these, the products in the desired sizes are prepared in a short time and sent to the relevant area.
What is Aluminum Coated Sheet?
Aluminum clad sheet, also known as aluminum clad sheet, is produced by a two-sided dipping process. It can be stated that they are produced as a result of dipping a steel sheet into an aluminum and zinc alloy. However, sometimes there are different substances in this alloy.
These products, which have a wide range of uses today, have different features. Prominent among these features can be listed as follows:
• It has high corrosion resistance. It maintains this feature even at very high temperatures and thus meets the needs.
• It has similar functions with stainless steel sheet. However, its cost is much lower than stainless steel sheet.
• It can be produced in different thicknesses and sizes.
• Compared to galvanized sheets, it is understood that they are more resistant to creep and oxidation.
• Their portability is high.
• They have a long-lasting structure.
The properties of aluminum coated sheet mentioned here have caused the product in question to be used effectively in many areas.
Aluminum is one of the highest quality engineering materials today. When we look at the areas where people live and produce, it will be seen that aluminum is used extensively. Especially its easy bonding with other elements has increased its usage areas. In addition, it is an important feature that it can be shaped when hot or cold. Here, the aluminum coated sheet has been developed based on the features mentioned here.
Dipping on both sides with the silicon mixture made in the production of aluminum coated sheet provides this product to gain high corrosion resistance. This is one of the important reasons why it is used effectively in many areas.
Where is Aluminum Coated Sheet Used?
The properties it has and the fact that steel does not lose its properties under 800 degrees has led to the use of these products in different areas. Prominent usage areas can be listed as follows:
• Medical fields
• Household appliances
• Chemical process
• Lighting equipment
• Construction industry
•    Kitchen staff
• Heating and cooling
• Ventilation industry
•    Pressure vessels
• Roofing
• Architectural application
• Automotive industry
• Radiator manufacturing
• Storage equipment
• Packaging industry
Due to its high temperature resistance, it has also been used in heat exchanger products or areas. It is also used in products such as ovens, cooking pans, kettles and barbecue stoves.
Aluminum Coated Sheet Prices
Aluminum clad sheet prices, as with many other products, depend on different factors. In particular, it can be stated that the type and quality of the product greatly affect the prices. In addition, thickness and width are other important factors.
The fact that aluminum coated sheets can be produced in different thicknesses and forms has caused the prices to be variable. Considering that products with different thicknesses will meet the needs according to the usage area, it is extremely clear that the costs will also differ according to the usage area.
Aluminum Clad Sheet: High Quality, High Strength
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