Trapeze Sheet

Trapeze Sheet
This product, known as trapezoidal or trapezoidal sheet, can be produced in different thicknesses and forms. In addition, there are painted and unpainted options. Accordingly, its usage area is quite wide. These products, which can be used as a single layer, can also be used as two layers. Thus, it gives much more effective results in terms of thermal insulation.
What is Trapeze Sheet?
Trapezoidal sheet; It is a product used for different purposes, especially waterproofing. This product, which is produced from galvanized sheet, is offered for use as coilcoating painted and unpainted. It can be produced in different forms and sizes depending on the purpose of use.
It is used for cladding structures not in an industrial style, but with a simple block. It can be used in different structures such as public buildings, agricultural buildings, office buildings and garages. With the trapeze offered to you, you can effectively close your roofs and provide water insulation.
One of the most important features of trapezoidal sheet is that it has high strength. However, it is quite easy to use. It easily performs its function on the roofs of buildings, which easily withstands even the most adverse weather conditions. The fact that it is extremely easy to install enables the roof coverings made with trapezoidal sheet to be completed in a short time.
This product is produced from the material known as galvanized sheet. It can be produced in different sizes, taking into account the area to be used. This makes assembly easier. In addition, the relevant material can be easily cut with appropriate equipment and thus mounted as desired. This is another issue that facilitates the installation of the trapezoidal sheet.
What are the Trapezoidal Sheet Properties?
Trapezoidal sheet properties have emerged by considering the expectations in this field. There are different advantages depending on the use of this product, the general features of which are stated above. The notable advantages can be listed as follows:
• High strength, high strength and long-lasting structure
• Easy to carry
• Simple installation and assembly
• Offering unpainted or painted options depending on customer demand.
• High waterproofing
• Resistance to fire and similar natural disasters
• Allowing the roofs to be covered decoratively
• Ability to be produced in desired sizes
• Being economical
The above advantages reveal why a special product such as trapezoidal sheet is used so much today. These products, which offer economical solutions, are used in different industrial areas, in the public sector and to meet individual needs.
Its usage area is increasing day by day. So that; It is known that these products have started to be used even in some new shopping malls.
Trapezoidal Sheet Prices
Trapezoidal sheet prices differ depending on many factors. Therefore, it is very difficult to talk about a single fixed price at this point. It should be noted that the figures to be paid will vary depending on the form, quality and size of the product to be preferred.
While calculating the price for the trapezoidal sheet, a determination is usually made over m2. Total costs vary depending on the total size of the area to be covered.
One of the most important issues affecting the figures to be paid is the thickness of the product. Depending on the need, products of different thickness can be produced. At this point, trapezoidal sheet prices may increase with thickness or vice versa. There is almost no price difference between dyed and unpainted products.
Trapezoidal Sheet: High Quality, Affordable Cost
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