DKP Sheet Metal

DKP Sheet


DKP sheet is the name given to hot steel with low carbon content, which can be easily shaped even though it is cold. The hot-worked iron is passed through the rollers, thinned and made ready for use. Cooling process is applied to give smoothness to the surface.



Features of DKP Sheet

Sheet material is divided into many groups within itself. The usage area, feature and form of each variety differs. As Cihan Yassı Metal company, DKP sheet is the most preferred one among many types such as HRP sheet, galvanized sheet, tin sheet, DKP sheet, aluzinc sheet due to its usage area and easy shaping feature.

This type of sheet can be obtained in different sizes during production. For example, it is possible to produce between 0.2 mm and 2 mm according to the desired thickness. There are many options between these two thickness units depending on the usage area and need. It is also possible to produce as flat sheet or rolled sheet in line with the customer's request and needs.

Among the DKP sheet features, it is possible to sell various types of kg according to the customer's request. In this regard, there are kg sales options such as 1000 * 2000, 1200 * 2400, 1250 * 2500, 1500 * 3000. It is possible to produce according to the need and usage area within all these thickness, shaping, kg properties.

These sheets, which have a very high shaping opportunity, provide ease of use in many areas. Therefore, the preference rate is quite high.

Advantages of DKP Sheet


Sheet metal usage areas have a very wide coverage area. Where it is used, it gives a more aesthetic appearance than standard black steel. Thanks to this appearance, it is possible to use both indoors and outdoors.

The most important elements that can be counted among the advantages of DKP sheet are as follows;

These sheets are very easy to shape both in the production phase and in the usage phase. For this reason, it is preferred more than other sheets.

In terms of appearance, it has a brighter structure compared to classical sheet metals. Thanks to its smooth structure, it is more appealing to the eye in the area where it is used. It also provides convenience in processes such as paint to be applied on it.

DKP sheet, which can be produced in the form of flat sheet or pipe sheet during the production phase, provides diversity in its field of use. The ability to shape according to the required area also makes this product a reason for preference.

Another advantage is that it has many options in terms of thickness. With thickness options ranging from 0.2 mm to 2 mm, as Cihan Yassı Metal, we produce sheet metal in the most suitable size and thickness for your needs.

DKP sheet is a cleaner material than standard mild steel sheet. When two products are placed side by side, DKP sheet is clearly visible. Besides all these features, it is not a stainless sheet. Despite this, it has a more durable structure compared to other sheets. If it is to be used outdoors, it can be made to last longer by painting.


DKP Sheet Types


DKP sheet has many types in terms of thickness and form. The most prominent type is the sheets produced in the form of flat plates. These sheets are obtained by rolling the iron in its cold state to make the plate surface smoother after the first rolling of the iron in its hot state.


Another form used among DKP sheet types is pipe plates. Pipe sheets are also produced in the same logic as their flat form. It has various sizes and thicknesses. These rates vary according to the usage area and needs.


The most important feature of DKP sheets is the variety of thickness. This variety provides ease of application according to usage area and need. Sheet thicknesses vary between 0.2 mm and 2 mm. Plates are created according to the order given during production.


The same is true for tubular sheets. Due to its roundness, suitable profile sheets can be produced according to variables such as length, thickness, width within the diameter calculation. 13*1.50 mm, 17*2.50 mm, 21*2.00 mm, 25*1.50 mm, 28*2.00 mm, 34*3.00 mm, 42*4.00 mm, 51 *There are many types of dimensions such as 1.50 mm, 60*5.00 mm, 76*2.50 mm. These dimensions cover a wide range of 102 mm to 219 mm.


Usage Areas of DKP Sheet

This sheet type provides usage in many areas with its form, easy shape, thickness options and wide measurement scale.


First of all, it should be noted that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For this reason, one of the most striking areas of use of DKP sheet metal is the construction of very durable hand tools. DKP sheet is definitely included in many of the materials we use in our house. Thanks to its easy shape, it can be used in all household appliances from small to large.


Another usage area is the automotive sector. Considering that it is a production that uses a lot of metal in its interior and exterior parts, it is possible to come across DKP sheet metal in many places in automotive construction. The fact that cars are struggling against many natural conditions, especially weather conditions, and that they can be used for many years gives an idea about how durable this sheet is.


DKP sheet metal usage areas include heating and cooling systems. This material, whose durability has increased considerably after the hot and cold processes applied in its production; It is present in many items in every home such as honeycomb, combi boiler, air conditioner.

DKP sheet metal has also managed to find a place for itself in an important sector such as white goods. White goods that we use almost for a lifetime can be made more durable and longer lasting by using DKP sheet metal where sheet metal is needed.


Thanks to its high strength, it is also seen in important areas such as wheel covers in vehicles and ship hulls. It is also frequently used in important and visually visible places such as stair landings in our homes, electrical panels in buildings or workplaces.


DKP Sheet Prices

DKP sheet is a material that differs in shape and size. Therefore, there will be changes in prices. For example, the thickness of flat plates varies between 0.2 mm and 2 mm. When the ordered surface area size is added to this, a wide price range is formed. For this reason, DKP sheet prices vary according to the size. The desired dimensions are evaluated over the kg price.


The same is true for production in the form of pipes. DKP sheets in the form of profiles, which have a wide measurement range, are calculated based on the desired size and length in kg.


If a calculation is required for DKP sheet 2021 prices: for example, in an order with 0.25 mm thickness, given over 1000*2000 kg, the calculation is made over the list price determined per kg. Although this calculation is just an example, the price range varies according to the desired thickness and kilogram.


We, as Cihan Yassı Metal company, are working to provide the best quality products to our valued customers. You can obtain DKP sheet or pipe in any size, thickness, length and size you want from us.


We offer you the most reasonable prices, provided that the quality standards remain constant in our productions. If you need any of the metal-steel products, you can visit our website to get information about our products and place your order according to your needs.