HRP Sheet Metal

What is HRP Sheet?

HRP sheet is one of the most preferred materials in the industry sector. HRP sheet, which has many different types, is produced by special acid preparation of the surfaces of hot sheets. It has an extremely important place in the industry due to its resistance to high pressure and heavy impacts. For this reason, HRP sheet is often preferred in industrial areas where there is a danger of bending and crushing. So, what are the features of HRP sheet, which is one of the important materials of the industry sector?


What are the Features of HRP Sheet?

HRP sheet, which is one of the durable building blocks of the industrial sector, has many features. Engineers and manufacturers who are experts in their fields have stated the properties of HRP sheet as follows. HRP sheet,

It is extremely resistant to pressure and impacts.

Factors such as bending and high temperature cannot damage the HRP sheet.

The thickness of the HRP sheet varies from 0.20 mm to 2.00 mm depending on the type.

HRP sheet can have a roll shape as well as a flat shape.

Because it is extremely durable, it is preferred in more areas than other industrial products.



What are the Usage Areas of HRP Sheet?


HRP sheet is indispensable for the construction industry as it is extremely resistant to many factors. In addition, it can be actively used in areas such as the production of goods, railroad tracks and guardrails. For this reason, it would be very correct to say that HRP sheet has an important place in many different sectors.


HRP sheet is a product that is easy to process and very affordable according to its durability. For this reason, this material is often used in the production of tanks. Civil engineers state that HRP sheet is extremely useful, especially because it is easy to place and has the ability to adapt to many areas.


What are the Differences Between HRP Sheet and DKP Sheet?


Two types of sheet metal are frequently used in the construction industry. While one of these types is HRP, the other is the DKP sheet type, which is as important as HRP. Hot rolled steel becomes DKP sheet after certain processes. Although this situation causes the DKP sheet type to be confused with the HRP sheet type, there are certain differences between the two sheet types. DKP sheet type, unlike HRP sheet type, must be produced by going through both cold rolling and hot rolling. This process, which causes the shape to be both flat and roll-shaped, also creates the price difference. Therefore, it is possible to mention that there is a price difference between DKP sheet and HRP sheet type. DKP sheet type, which has higher quality and higher features, is more costly than HRP sheet type. In addition to all these, DKP sheets are higher in strength than HRP sheets. Although this is an indication that DKP sheets can be used in heavier conditions, HRP sheets are also very durable for use in the industry sector.


What are the Usage Areas of HRP Sheet?


HRP sheet is the name of the sheet obtained as a result of rolling flat steel with high temperature. HRP sheet, which is generally produced between 0.20 mm and 2.00 mm, can also go through the cold rolling process. Expert engineers in the field emphasize that this product is frequently used in the construction industry. However, HRP sheet is not only used in the construction industry, contrary to popular belief. The usage areas of HRP sheet are as follows.

It is actively preferred in the automotive sector, which produces in the form of cold forming.

It is used in the durable household appliance industry, regardless of small or large size.

It is used in the production of ventilation equipment.

It is used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils.

It is used to perform strength treatment in the manufacturing process.

It is used in the production of train tracks.

It is preferred in the latest technology machines.

It is actively used in the manufacturing industry.

It is used in pipe manufacturing.

It is used in the production of profiles.

It is used in the production of kitchen equipment.


HRP sheet is actively used. It is an extremely useful material because it is easily shaped and resistant to high-severe impacts. However, in addition to all these, it is demanded by many people in the sub-sector in the automotive industry because it is suitable for welding. As Cihan Yassı Metal company, our company offers you HRP sheet products that have all these features. If you want to use durable products at an affordable price, HRP sheet will be the right choice for you, especially in the construction industry. Our company guides you in this regard with its wide product range and professional team. For detailed information and more, you can contact our professional team and get detailed information.


How are HRP Sheet Prices?


Our company adheres to the principle of high quality and reasonable price for the HRP sheet products it offers for you. For this reason, the price of HRP sheets produced by our company is quite affordable, unlike competing companies. However, it is not possible to give a clear answer at this point.


Although only one product comes to mind when HRP is mentioned, HRP sheet has many types and features. For this reason, our company listens to customer demand before giving an exact price. In line with the demand of our valued customers, the properties of the HRP sheet are determined and then an appropriate pricing is realized. Therefore, it would be correct to say that the way to give an exact price for HRP sheet is through the characteristics of the order. If you want to get HRP sheet price, you can contact our company. The contact numbers on the official website of our company carry out 7-24 activities for our valued customers. At this point, the professional team of our company answers your questions and creates a positive process in order to fulfill your demands.


Our company Cihan Yassı Metal pays attention to the fact that the HRP sheet models it produces for you are long-lasting, easy to shape, easy to transport, not difficult to transport and suitable for welding. For this reason, the HRP sheet models you will buy from our company will be an affordable and high quality choice for you.


Cihan Flat Metal HRP Sheet Service


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