Painted sheet metal is used effectively in different fields today. It can be stated that PPGI is preferred intensely due to its properties. You can choose the ones you need from the products available in different features and forms in the market.

What is PPGI?


The product, which is formed by galvanizing the products that are rolled into sheets by cold rolling and coloring them with polyester paint, is called painted sheet. In this process, it is known that different paint qualities such as PVDF, polyurethane and plastisol are used from time to time in addition to polyester paint.
There are different methods used to shape steel or similar alloys. However, cold rolling stands out among them, especially due to its surface quality. Sheets obtained by cold rolling can be used either directly or through different processes. Especially in order to completely eliminate the risk of corrosion, galvanization is one of the processes that are frequently performed at this point. In addition, to answer aesthetic concerns, the products in question are painted in different colors. The product that emerges after all this is called painted sheet metal.
Today, the usage areas of tinted sheet are increasing day by day. The reasons such as being easy to use and getting the desired results in a short time have increased the interest in painted sheets.


What are the PPGI Properties?


Colored sheet properties are similar to the general properties of the alloy that makes up the sheet. In addition, other features can be listed as follows:
• It has high resistance to corrosion. It does not lose this feature for a long time and thus no damage will be done to the sheet metal.
• It has a long-lasting structure due to its high corrosion resistance and other properties.
• It has different color options. In this way, it can respond to aesthetic concerns.
• It is possible to produce in the desired color with RAL codes. The aforementioned condition makes individual use possible.
• It is extremely simple to shape.
• It is suitable for alternative solutions in transportation and transportation.
It is possible to find the product with such general features in different forms in the market. You can supply the product, which is offered for sale in different forms such as painted coil sheet, painted sheet, trapezoidal and tape, in a form that will suit your needs.
Colored sheet production is a process performed in line with certain standards. On the other hand, it is possible to carry out production by taking into account the customer demands. For example; The amount of galvanization to be coated on the sheet, the amount of paint to be used, and whether a protective film will be used or not can be determined by the customer.
Another important feature that can be determined regarding PPGI is the thickness of the product. In general, it can be stated that the product thickness is between 0.2 mm and 1.2 mm. However, to emphasize again, it is possible to produce in thicknesses other than these.


Colored Sheet Usage Areas


Colored sheet metal has many uses. In particular, the fact that this product is available in the market in sheet, trapezoidal, tape, roller blind and similar forms has led to a significant increase in its usage area.
It is possible to see the relevant product at different points of daily life, especially in different industrial areas. It is used in roofing, automotive manufacturing, white goods production, electronic goods manufacturing, decorative products, packaging industry, lighting industry, manufacturing industry and similar areas.

PPGI Prices

PPGI prices may differ depending on different factors. At this point, it can be stated that the main factors that determine the prices are the product quality and the raw materials used. In addition, it can be said that the dyeing and whether there is a protective film are similarly effective.
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