Cold Rolled Sheet

Cold Rolled Sheet

Cold rolled sheet, as the name suggests, is the sheet metal obtained by reshaping the relevant material without taking it to very high temperatures. Cold rolling is often used to shape metals such as steel because of the different advantages it provides.
What is Cold Rolled Sheet?
Sheets produced by cold rolling from flat steels that are hot rolled and then cleaned using acid are called cold rolled sheet. Said sheets can be produced with different properties to meet the needs. For example; sheet thickness can be between 0.12 mm and 3 mm depending on the need.
Cold rolling is the name given to the shaping of a product without exceeding the crystallization temperature. Here, a forming operation is usually performed between two rollers. Compared to hot rolling, smooth surface strip production is performed more effectively with this method.
It can be said that a significant part of the steel plates used in cold rolling are hot rolled sheets that deteriorate. While rolling, a metal is usually given its final shape by cold rolling. The reason for this situation is that cold rolled sheet type products have higher surface quality. In addition, with this process, a significant increase in the strength value of the material occurs.


Cold Rolled Sheet Features and Advantages


Cold rolled sheet properties may differ depending on the raw material used. At this point, it would not be wrong to say that alloys consisting of different materials are generally used. When evaluated in general, the features of the related products and the advantages they provide in use are as follows:
• They have a better surface and better tolerances due to the absence of oxidation and cooling during processing.
• The strength of the material may be higher than similar products.
• The easy lubrication in cold rolling makes it easier for the product to have the desired properties.
• It can be prepared in desired sizes.
• Being portable makes it easy to transport.
• There is a clear homogeneity in the physical properties of cold rolled sheet products.
• It fully meets the expectations regarding width, thickness and surface smoothness.
• It can be produced as continuously annealed (CA) or batch annealed (BA).
Cold Rolled Sheet Usage Areas
The usage areas of cold rolled sheets are quite wide. The areas that are used intensively today can be listed as follows:
•    Furniture manufacturing
• White goods production
•    Automotive industry
• Construction and building materials
•    Panel radiator
• Pipe and profile production
• Metal molds

It should not be forgotten that there are areas where it is used outside of the usage areas here.

Cold Rolled Sheet Prices


In order to give a clear figure about the cold rolled sheet prices, the technical specifications of the product should be known. The difference in technical specifications depending on the production causes the prices to change in a similar way. Therefore, you can contact us immediately to get detailed information about the price of the product you need.
There are different factors that affect prices. However, as in many areas, it can be stated that the most important issue here is quality. Apart from quality, it can be said that factors such as thickness, width and surface structure affect the figures.
There are different quality standards for cold rolled sheet. Making productions in accordance with these is an important point especially in the marketing process. The quality standards used for the product in question; It can be listed as EN standards, ASTM standards and enamel qualities.

High Quality Cold Rolled Sheet


Today, there are many points where cold rolled sheet production is made. However, at this point, our company takes a step forward with its experience, marketing capability and product quality. Your expectations and needs regarding this product are met by our company in a short time and the products you order are delivered to the points you want. You can contact us for cold rolled sheets and similar products.