Black Sheet Metal

Black Sheet Metal
Black sheet is the products produced by the casting method. It takes its name from its color and its usage area is extremely wide due to the features it has. While it has advantages over similar products, it also has some disadvantages.
What is Black Sheet?
Black sheet is the name given to the flat steels produced by the subsequent rolling of the products produced by the casting method. Hot rolling is used in the production of mild steel models. That is, the steel is first heated to a point above its crystallization temperature. Then rolling is done using parallel rollers.
The easier shape of the heated steel is an important advantage at this point. Thanks to this advantage, productions can be made in accordance with the desired dimensions and thickness. However, it is of great importance that there are no delays at this stage of black sheet production. Because the sheet will start to shrink slightly when it starts to cool, and accordingly the shape will be more difficult to control. Therefore, in case of delay, it may not be possible to obtain the desired shape.
What are the Black Sheet Properties?
Mild steel has an unusual production process. Therefore, it has different properties. The remarkable features of this special product can be listed as follows:
• It is suitable for special production. Due to hot rolling, the desired dimensions can be produced.
• It is easily shaped.
• It is produced as a result of casting process.
• It has high strength strength.
• It is weldable.
• Its usage area is extremely wide because it can be welded and shaped easily.
Mild steel properties are generally as mentioned here. High strength strength and durability may differ depending on the thickness and shape of the product. Standards for the thickness of mild steel vary between 1.5 mm and 20 mm. Therefore, there are very thin options as well as very thick options.
Black Sheet Usage Areas
It would not be wrong to say that construction is one of the areas where black sheets are used the most. However, it is also used extensively in areas such as the production of construction equipment, shipbuilding and steel case production. Black sheet usage areas are generally as follows:
• Railway tracks
• Manufacture of shelves and durable goods
• White goods production
•    Automotive industry
• Construction and construction machinery manufacturing
• Steel case production
• Ship industry
• Construction and construction equipment production
• Construction applications in the construction industry
• Tanks produced for storage
Black Sheet Prices
Mild steel prices vary depending on the quality and other characteristics of the product. What is stated here is valid in almost every sector. Quality products are always more expensive. However, it should not be forgotten that besides quality, factors such as the thickness and dimensions of the product are also important.
As a company, we deliver products that comply with international quality standards, with the most reasonable price options. In addition, as a company, we have the ability to produce products with the thickness and dimensions you want. We can prepare all the sizes you want for you in a short time and we can deliver them to the points you want.
Is There a Difference Between Mild Steel and HRP?
There may be some similarities in the production of iron and steel products and in the properties of the products in question. There is such a similarity between mild steel and HRP. However, it would be wrong to say that the products in question are exactly the same.
Rolling is used in mild steel and HRP production. However, black sheets are first hot rolled after casting to the rectangular section. HRP is produced as a result of hot and cold rolling of cylindrical sheets. Therefore, the related products differ at this point.
DKP and mild steel differ similarly to the one here. Within this framework, determine the product you need correctly or contact us for detailed information.