Aluminized Sheet

Aluminized Sheet
Aluminized sheet is among the iron and steel products and attracts attention with its different features. Especially its low cost and effective features are its important aspects. The usage area is quite wide and meets the requirements in general.
What is Aluminized Sheet?
Aluminized sheet is a product produced as a result of coating a classical steel with aluminum. The mentioned coating process is carried out at high temperatures. The main function of the process is to ensure that the steel has high corrosion resistance. Thus, the respective product allows for a longer-lasting use. Moreover, thanks to the aluminum coating, there is no risk of corrosion even at high temperatures.
One of the most remarkable features of aluminized sheets, as stated above, is their cost. It can be stated that the cost is quite low, especially when compared to stainless steel. But the strength of stainless steel is higher.
Aluminized sheet is used in the production of general household goods due to the properties mentioned here. Stainless steel is used for products that need more glossy surfaces.
Aluminum coating, which allows the steel to protect its properties up to a certain temperature, is generally effective up to 800 degrees. In other words, it can exhibit the mentioned product properties in areas below this temperature. However, at higher temperatures, the product loses its properties and cannot fully meet expectations.
Aluminized Sheet Properties
Considering the properties of aluminized sheet, it will be seen that the thickness of the product may differ. The thickness generally varies between 0.3 mm and 3.0 mm. Depending on the need, a product can be preferred among the mentioned thicknesses.
Although aluminized sheet is not as strong as stainless steel, it is strong enough to meet expectations in general. In areas of use, so it does not experience any problems. Other prominent features of the product in question are as follows:
• It is portable.
• It can be produced in desired dimensions and thickness. Thus, it comes ready to use and saves time.
• Corrosion resistance is high. Especially under 800 degrees, it effectively preserves the properties of the steel.
• It has a long-lasting structure. (It should be used in places that comply with the specified conditions.)
What are the Usage Areas of Aluminized Sheet?
The fact that aluminized sheet has high corrosion resistance even at high temperatures has caused it to be used more in certain areas. Especially ovens, kettles, cooking pans and barbecue stoves are among the main areas of use. In addition, it should not be forgotten that it is used extensively in automotive exhausts and similar areas.
It is known that exhaust components in automotive are constantly exposed to high temperatures and there is a high risk of corrosion in these areas. Corrosion in the mentioned type of parts can cause them to rot over time and become unusable. Therefore, aluminized sheet metal is used in this region, with its robust, corrosion-resistant and low-cost features. Thus, all the aforementioned disadvantages are avoided.
Aluminized Sheet Prices
Aluminized sheet prices are much lower than similar products. Therefore, it is extensively used in high temperature environments below 800 degrees. There are different factors that affect the prices of the product, and product quality comes first. Apart from this, thickness and other features attract attention as other factors affecting the figures.
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The aluminized sheet in the production of our company is designed to suit your needs. At this point, you can contact us and convey your needs and learn which product you should choose to meet them.